Badıllı Tekstil was founded in 1979 by Nihat Badıllı. As a family company, it continues its activities with the 2nd and 3rd generations in Istanbul in a closed area of ​​4.500m2. Since the day it was founded, the company, which brings knowledge, design and technology to the future, has been producing for international companies that shape fashion with its strong, innovative and professional team.

Women’s clothing production is predominantly in the form of knitted fabric dresses, tunics, overalls, jackets, blouses, trousers and similar products. In addition to these, the company produces mix-match products by combining weaving and knitting. It continues to be the industry leader in knitted dress. Mainly exporting countries are Germany, England, France, Holland and America.

80% of the production continues under the same roof in the factory. Since 2015, the weaving part of the production has been carried out by Badilli Tekstil Dooel established in Macedonia.