Badilli Textile / Corporate

Founded in 1979 by Nihat Badilli Badilli family textile company, operating in a closed area of ​​4500 m2 continues in Istanbul. Companies in the apparel section 250, sections 8, makes production with 36 people and 35 organizations in ironing and packing department.

All of the production is export. In 2016-2017 the target company in the future by building a new production area Urfa Organized Industrial Zone is among the objectives to create employment in Anatolia. In this way, optimal pricing strategy will be implemented best quality by increasing capacity.

Garment production mainly; knitted fabric ladies dress, t-shirt, blouses, tunics, pants and so on in the form of products. 90% of the production is still under the same roof in our factory. Special design collections continue our modelhane led Arif Badilli.

Company, acting in accordance with international rules and requirements concerning the working conditions of employees BSC certificates provided to both their own organization subcontracter. Engages in the production line so as not to damage the sensitive environment and natural resources as possible.

We live in the information age that we prepare our collections every month this century, using all the modern systems and programs that are both inspiring and guiding for our customers.

All manufacturing materials are produced and subjected to laboratory tests meet the requirements of the international audit firms. Our apparel products still passes through laboratory tests.